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Unico is a unique fixed air conditioning and heating solution that does not require the installation of an outdoor condensing unit; two units have now become one. Unico is perfect for commercial and domestic applications where exterior wall aesthetics are as important as the interior, such as hotels. Providing traditional cooling and heating from a single interior unit along with a modern, sleek Italian design, Unico blends effortlessly into most hotel decors.

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The Unico Range

With a variety of different models available, Unico offers a number of solutions to suit various project specifications, models include:

  • Unico Easy
  • Unico Air
  • Unico Smart
  • Unico R
  • Unico Inverter

Year Round Comfort

Each of these models are ideal for use in hotel bedrooms, restaurants, bars and lobby/ reception areas. With cooling only, and cooling and heating combined, units available, Unico truly does provide year round comfort, providing clean fresh cooling through the summer and a warm cosy environment during the winter. Extra heat is provided when outside temperatures drop below 2⁰C with the Unico R model.

Unico Benefits

Why choose Unico over traditional HVAC solutions? With benefits for both the hotelier and hotel guests, there are plenty of reasons why!

For the hotelier there are no intrusive, noisy outdoor condensing units mounted to the hotel external walls. The units themselves are quick and easy to install, providing significant installation cost and time savings, which in turn reduce room downtime.

Your guests benefit from year round comfort with Unico HP models, due to the integrated heat pump, and a good night’s sleep with Unico’s whisper quiet operation, due to the internal component sound proofing.

Unico Product Brochure (PDF, 11.7 MB)