Rapid Climate Control sell portable cooling, heating and drying products as well as the unique Unico ‘through-the-wall’ air conditioning and heating range all over the UK and Ireland to tradesmen of all types, offering a fantastic range of climate control solutions for day-to-day use on the job. With a national network of Sales and Service centres and stock available in many wholesalers, our products are never too far away.

If you're a tradesmen looking for climate control solutions to help make your job more comfortable during the summer or winter, or even to dry those walls, floors and ceilings quicker, give us a call on 0800 952 2520 or enquire online, alternatively speak to your local wholesaler.  

Portable Cooling Offer

Our portable cooling range offers a selection of monobloc air conditioners with cooling capacities up to 3.8kW, industrial type spot coolers offering up to 10kW and evaporative coolers with airflow volumes of up to 1,175m3/h. We also supply small, medium and large industrial fans.

Portable Heating Offer

Our portable heating range consists of electric fan assisted, ceramic, infra-red, convector and oil filled heaters providing 3 - 29kW in heating capacity. We also provide indirect and direct fired gas heaters suitable for larger areas.

The Unico Range

No outdoor condensing unit required.

Need to provide all year round fixed climate control for your clients? Unico is the ideal solution offering cooling and heating from a single unit; no outdoor condensing unit is required. It not only looks modern and suits most domestic and commercial interiors, but it's energy efficient, quick and easy to install, requires no refrigeration experience from the installer, and is available in three models, providing up to 3.0kW in heating capacity & 3.1kW in cooling capacity.

More about Unico

Portable Drying Offer

Our domestic and commercial dehumidifiers are suitable for areas up to 250m3, with moisture removal levels of up to 28 litres per 24 hours. Our industrial dehumidifiers are suitable for areas up to 3,230m3, with moisture removal levels up to 51 litres per 24 hours.

Project Completion

With huge stocks of Unico and portable cooling, heating and drying products available to buy all over the UK and Ireland, either direct from us via our national network of Sales and Service centres or from your local wholesalers, your climate control needs are easily accessible and available, when needed.

For prices and availability, give us a call direct on 0800 952 2520 or enquire online, alternatively ask your local wholesaler.