Our simple to use standalone portable humidifiers simply put moisture back into the air to help alleviate occupant discomfort caused by dry air, or to create the perfect environment in specialist applications.

Suitable for use in offices, retail space, warehouses, hospitals, data centres, IT suites, comms rooms,  manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical production, printing works, timber works, museums, art galleries, archives and more.

Our hire packages

Compact Hire

Powered from a 230V power supply and provides up to 500m3/Hr of air flow. Suitable for working environments up to 350m2 and houses a 34 litre capacity water tank.

From £22.50 Per Week*

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Please note:

*Based on a 16 week hire period excluding VAT. Prices are subject to change.

For ease of portability and safety, we advise you to place the humidifier in the desired position before filling with water.

If you require further advice please do give us a call.