When temperatures drop during winter, fixed heating systems can sometimes struggle to meet required heat outputs or worse breakdown entirely. So it's paramount you know who to rely on when a portable heating solution is needed.

With an vast fleet of portable heating equipment available for hire, from portable electric heaters to gas heaters, direct oil fired heaters or indirect oil fired heaters, be assured your environment's; occupants, products, equipment and air will be kept warm.

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For many facilities managers the winter means one thing: clients in need of a little extra heat. From offices and warehouses, to construction sites and sport halls, a comfortable, regulated working environment is vital, and often a temporary portable heating solution is the most suitable and cost effective option.

At Rapid Climate Control, our work with various hotels as providers of HVAC solutions has exposed us to a recurring theme - the emerging need for hotels to better optimise their energy efficiency.

At Rapid Climate Control, we are proud to work with a myriad of businesses, hotels and facility managers to provide a range of industry-leading climate control solutions. What this means, is that we are experienced in helping solve our clients’ challenges and often have had to use our renowned commitment to being responsive in providing emergency solutions.