As and when temperatures rise throughout the summer, it’s essential you have the right portable cooling equipment, or combination of equipment, in place for your application. This helps ensure a safe and productive business environment.

With an available range of portable mono-bloc and split air conditioners, evaporative coolers, industrial spot coolers and fans, we provide temporary portable cooling solutions to cool occupants, products, equipment or the air. Domestic hire isn't provided, strictly business to business only.

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By virtue of being climate control experts, we inevitably possess a horde of valuable advice to share regarding air conditioning systems and, in particular, the common issues faced by owners of air conditioning units. Whilst the Unico Range essentially negates the majority of these concerns, we’ve decided to help you identify the common issues you might be facing with your current solution.

Despite our summer heatwave being characteristically short-lived, British weather or, more specifically, its unpredictability, means you need to ensure your climate control systems are able to react to rapid changes in weather as and when they happen.