UK Hotel Industry Can Save Money With New Energy Efficiency Measures

A staggering £38 million could be saved by the UK hotel industry simply by installing energy and water efficient systems in at least 50% of rooms, the Blue & Green Tomorrow website reports. These figures have been compiled by SaveMoneyCutCarbon, an energy efficiency firm, which helps organisations cut their energy waste and carbon emissions and reduce water use.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon worked in tandem with the Hotel Collection to collect this information, looking at 600,000 UK hotel rooms and discovering that if suitable energy and water efficiency measures were employed then the hotel sector could save around £38 million a year whilst also cutting carbon – thus helping the country meet its carbon emission targets for the coming years.

If such measures were taken, then the cost of initial instalments would be paid off within two years thanks to the savings made. The types of energy wastage that would be reduced include heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water and lighting – which account for 80% of the money spent by commercial businesses on energy. Efficiency in one or more of these areas can significantly reduce energy costs. Things like LED lighbulbs, eco-smart showers, intelligent heating and cooling management systems can all help with this.

The chief executive of SaveMoneyCutCarbon, Mark Sait, said that "it makes good business sense to invest in energy efficiency at a time when energy bills keep going up." He went on to note how "relatively small investments can quickly generate big savings."

Paul Nisbett, chief financial officer for The Hotel Collection, added that water and energy efficiency should be on every hotel's agenda.