UK Government: Committed To Tackling Climate Change?

With climate change an ever-important item on the world’s collective agenda, is our government doing enough to combat its impact on our planet?

Well, according to Al Gore, the answer is no.

In fact, speaking on the upcoming Paris climate negotiations at a Green Alliance and CBI event, Al Gore expressed doubts regarding the UK Government’s commitment to combatting climate change. Building on this sentiment, Al Gore commented that he was “puzzled” regarding the UK’s recent decisions to abandon various pro climate policies, some of which aimed at green buildings. Among Al Gore’s list of wrongfully abolished policies were those concerning zero carbon new homes and buildings, the Green Deal also appearing at the top the list.

Further speaking on his confusion, Al Gore asked: “Will the United Kingdom change? Will it provide the leadership that its friends around the world have always admired?”

In response to the sentiment outlined by Al Gore, John Alker, UK Green Building Council director of policy and communications commented: “Make no mistake, Al Gore has issued a major challenge on UK climate leadership ahead of the crunch talks in Paris and it is essential that his rallying cry is heard in Treasury.”

“However, the responsibility doesn’t rest solely with Government. The voice of progressive business must also be heard, demonstrating why policy certainty is so important and how companies are making strides to drive down carbon in their own investments and operations.”

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