The R22 Phase Out: What Does It Mean For End-Users?

As you may already be aware, legislation enforced at the start of 2015 has seen the phasing out the R22 refrigerant from AC units, posing potential threats to non-compliant or unaware businesses – so what does this mean for the end-user specifically?

No More Repairs

“The legislation dictates that whilst you can run an R22 refrigerant based AC unit, when it breaks down you may no longer repair it”

Whilst it is not illegal to operate an R22 refrigerant-based unit, the implication is that these units are essentially running on borrowed time. With both the repair and maintenance of these outlawed, it is not only wise, but essential to consider a strategy to ensure the consequences of the phase-out are not damaging. 

It Will Cost

Regardless of the approach you adopt, one thing is certain – it is going to cost. Just how much it costs however, is dependent on the strategy you decide to use in the face of the phase-out. 

If your strategy includes modifying existing equipment to use alternative refrigerants, you may benefit from a lowered capital cost and swift implementation but, given this option adds no extended life to the equipment, will inevitably be faced with replacement costs somewhere down the line.

Replacement, on the other hand, will negate the need for subsequent spending in the near future as new plants last over a decade when properly maintained. However, it is worth considering that this option also incurs the largest upfront expense and can understandably cause disruption to business operations during installation.

You Must Make A Choice

If you are to be compliant, you are going to have to choose between replacing the plant (or technologies within the system), modifying existing equipment or continuing to use recycled or reclaimed HCFCs, deferring the inevitable costs highlighted above.

Each option presents its own advantages and disadvantages, based on the consumer’s individual needs – whilst the onus is on you to intuit the best course of action, we have created a handy infographic, detailing these options in more detail.

For more advice regarding your options for the r22 refrigerant ban, click below and download the infographic.

Alternative Options For The R22 Refrigerant Ban