The Benefits Of Unico Air Conditioning Units For Hotels

With comfort so vital for a guest’s good night’s sleep, hotels have always had to heavily prioritise climate control solutions as part of their offering: no-one wants to sleep in a room where the temperature is unregulated.

Fortunately, there are host of solutions and units that can unintrusively regulate the temperature within rooms.

One such example is Unico, a range that offers climate control models designed to suit your hotel’s needs. Unico models are available as either cooling only units (SF) or cooling and heating units (HP); the HP units utilise integrated heat pumps to provide year round temperature control within each individual room.

A Good Night’s Sleep

With the latest generation sliding-vane compressor, noisy air conditioning is a thing of the past. Unico units ensure your guests can sleep undisturbed without compromising on comfort, operating at only 38 Db.

Quick and Easy Installation

No outside work is required when installing Unico air conditioning units, saving considerable time and reducing the costs usually incurred through installation of climate control systems. Having an out-of-service air conditioning system in a hotel room can often be problematic. Our quick installation provides minimal room downtime, allowing you to happily notify the guests that their room is ready, rather than telling them it's not available for at least a week. 

Remote Control/Wall Pad Controller

Through either wall pad controllers or remote controls, Unico units afford your guests absolute freedom in creating the optimum temperature for their comfort. This level of freedom enhances the feeling of personalisation for guests - boosting the perception of your hotel as one that values its guests as more than just customers.  

Indoor & Outdoor Units Brought Together

Unico ranges work to replace the traditional dual units, making them an even more attractive option if external units are not permitted within your building. Also, the single unit not only respects external wall aesthetics, but, depending on the room, can actually enhance them, offering both style and substance.

Whilst this blog covers the many benefits of Unico units for Hotels, sufficient climate control is just one example of the many aspects that contribute to Hotel excellence. To download our Infographic on Hotel Service Excellence and find out what it truly takes to make a hotel stand out, click the button below.

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