The Benefits Of The Unico Air

At Rapid Climate Control, we are proud to offer the best climate control solutions to our clients to help them fulfil their needs. Coupled with outstanding service, part of our commitment to offering excellent service to our clients is the provision of specialist advice. This means we have a duty to keep you in the know regarding the best solutions available on the market.

Therefore, within this blog, we cover one specific solution that is particularly suitable within the hospitality industry: the Unico Air.

The newest member of the Unico family, the Unico Air is a climate control solution that boasts a brand new sleek design and reduced unit dimensions. Also, as with the rest of the Unico range, Unico Air does not require the installation of an outdoor unit. Below, we further explore some of the benefits the range affords.

Slim, Compact, Minimalistic

A compact, high quality through-the-wall air conditioning and heating unit, the Unico Air is not only underpinned by its compactly designed compressor, but it also boasts a high efficiency, compact battery. What this means is that the overall unit size is reduced in comparison to the Smart and Inverter models. It is worth noting that the major difference here is the depth of the Air unit, measuring at a tiny 164mm, rather than the 229mm characteristic of the other, already compact, Unico units. Through the Air unit, you benefit from a truly compact, unobtrusive unit that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Unrivalled Air Quality

Through a multi-filtering system, the Unico Air helps to improve the quality of air within rooms. This is particularly important within the hospitality industry given the increasing expectations that guests are exhibiting.

Furthermore, an electrostatic filter helps prevent allergic reactions from allergen particles in the air (such as smoke, dust and pollen). In addition, an activated carbon filter also eliminates bad smells and harmful gases.

Heavily Reduced Noise 

To reduce vibration noise in operation, the Unico Air utilises absorbing materials during manufacture. As a result, Unico’s noise level can be as low as 27dB(A), compared to other Unico units operating from 34dB(A). Even when operating at maximum capacity, it still remains at 38dB(A) compared to the Smart, R and Inverter models, that run at 43dB(A). As a result, Unico Air is especially ideal for any rooms that require peace and quiet. This is one the Air’s unique benefits; it will help you both craft a relaxing atmosphere and regulate the perfect climate: the best of both worlds.

Optimised Air Flow and Distribution

We all know how important air flow and air distribution are to achieving ultimate comfort. As a result, we are pleased to announce that Unico generates up to a maximum of 490 m3/h of air flow, distributed quietly and efficiently throughout the room, courtesy of its large sized air vent (690 x 60 mm). What this means, is that the power consumption is reduced without any compromise on performance - this in turn contributes to lower energy bills and a reduced environmental impact.

Is Unico Air Right For You?

Whilst this blog covers just a few of the many benefits that Unico Air units can offer its users, in our handy infographic we focus on the benefits and features offered by the whole Unico range for hoteliers in particular - one of our specialist markets.

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Discover how Unico's features can benefit your Hotel