The Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners

Despite our summer heatwave being characteristically short-lived, British weather or, more specifically, its unpredictability, means you need to ensure your climate control systems are able to react to rapid changes in weather as and when they happen.

For businesses and warehouse owners in particular, investing in a new climate control system altogether might not be the most viable option to prepare you for another heatwave, however unlikely. Hence, we outline within this blog the benefits of using portable air conditioners as a temporary solution.

1. No Restrictions

One of the defining characteristics of portable air conditioners is their mobility and the benefits that this affords. Free of the restrictions of larger integrated climate control solutions, portable air conditioners can be moved around at any time to cool specific areas. This is particularly useful for cooling overheating equipment or people operating within a specific area for a shorter time-period. Also, with evaporative coolers for instance, some air conditioners offer a cool ‘sea breeze’ airflow in well ventilated areas where it may be impractical to use conventional air conditioning units.

2. Perfect For Cooling Smaller Spaces

Following on from the previous point, another benefit of the mobility inherent in portable solutions is the ability to cool smaller spaces that are uncharacteristically warm in comparison to the rest of the building. Whereas a fixed HVAC system might struggle to cool specific areas within a building without cooling other areas that are already at an optimum temperature, portable solutions afford the ability to localise your cooling and reach those smaller, often neglected pockets within your building. Through this, you can ensure the areas that need to be cool are cooled, whilst the other areas remain unaffected.

3. Cutting Costs

By virtue of being smaller units, portable air conditioners incur lower costs than their fixed counterparts. This simply due to the fact that they deliver targeted cooling to the precise areas that need cooling most, rather than cooling the whole building which is invariably more expensive and unnecessary.

Many portable cooling solutions such as evaporative coolers, Industrial Spot Coolers and Split Air Conditioners are available through hiring, meaning that not only is the operation cost lower than fixed HVAC alternatives, but there is also no long-term recurring cost.

Given reduced costs are something all companies are eager to pursue, we have created a handy infographic guide helping you to cool off your air conditioning costs and save money otherwise spent on excess energy consumption.

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