Technology For The Modern Hotel

As you may already be aware, at Rapid Climate Control we work heavily in collaboration with hotels as providers of climate control solutions. As part of our series on service excellence, we thought it fitting we outline some of the vital pieces of technology that hotels should integrate into their rooms to be considered truly modern and to elevate the guest experience. 

Internet Connection

This is an absolute necessity for the modern day traveller in today’s digital age. This has also caused a shift in demand and expectations within hotels: it is not enough to offer Wi-Fi anymore, this is now expected to be provided at no extra cost, pandering to the needs of both business and leisure guests. Also, a lack of speed and reliability in any Wi-Fi services is a surefire way to negatively affect the guest experience. Quite simply, Wi-Fi is a necessity that it will pay dividends to invest in for hotels, regardless of where they are positioned within the market.

Climate Control Systems

As mentioned in our Unico blog, improper temperature regulation is proven to have adverse impacts on comfort and the wider guest experience. There are a myriad of units that offer an aesthetically pleasing, non-intrusive and financially viable solution to unsuitable temperatures, we cover these in depth within the aforementioned Unico blog - check it out.

Sound System/Alarms

Sound systems are very popular for the leisure traveller and, unlike other examples of technology with hotels, they are still generally considered a luxury for guests. Sound systems negate the need for leisure guests to bring their own speakers and systems (they also allow the hotel to regulate maximum volume so that other guests are not disturbed). Many higher end systems also come equipped with an in-built alarm feature, a useful bonus for guests and a digital version of the ‘wake up call’ - modern technology at its finest.


Televisions have always been a popular choice within hotels; they are essentially an industry standard at all levels. Again, with these firmly embedded in the minimum expectations of every guest, your job is to enhance the guest experience through added value. Take into consideration aesthetics, clarity of picture, physical positioning and the availability of extra packages (such as Sky/Virgin) that you can use to bolster the experience your guest has whilst staying within the room. Within hotels, excellence is measured by the extent to which you transcend expectations.

The theme of excellence in the hotel industry is explored further in our aptly named infographic, downloadable by clicking the below button:

Looking To Achieve Service Excellence in The Hotel Industry?