Smart Heating Installers Embrace Technological Development

It's all change in the heating industry. Last year in particular was a busy one for the industry, with the pace of development incomparable to anything seen before, says H&V News.

Part of the technological revolution is smart controls - more than 150,000 connected thermostats have already been installed by some national operators and awareness of the devices is growing as TV advertisers extol their benefits.

circuit board smart heating
Homes will continue to become more connected - so it's important for heating installers to climb aboard the revolution and keep up with the pace of change.

Customers are keen to save energy and cut energy costs, and the role of the installer is critical in these choices. An installer should be able to impart information about the huge - and growing - choice of products in the market and offer customers the benefit of their knowledge.

According to a recent survey by the Smart Thermostat Club, 60% of customers who bought a new boiler also asked the installer to fit a smart thermostat. And Installer quotes research from the organisation showing that one in three homeowners are more concerned than ever about their heating bills.

With this in mind, it is important that installers are in a position to advise customers and support them with the installation of smart controls. The revolution is here - and it's a small step for the installer, but a giant leap for heating customers.