Rapid Climate Control: Minimising Guest Disruption and Room Downtime

At Rapid Climate Control, we are proud to work with a myriad of businesses, hotels and facility managers to provide a range of industry-leading climate control solutions. What this means, is that we are experienced in helping solve our clients’ challenges and often have had to use our renowned commitment to being responsive in providing emergency solutions.

Within this blog, we outline one such instance, namely our work within Premier Inn: Rugeley, West Midlands, on behalf of HVAC solutions provider, MAK Services Ltd.

The Problem

After receiving an urgent call from a Premier Inn hotel located in Rugeley, West Midlands, MAK services were tasked with addressing the urgent issues inherent in the hotel’s ground source heat pump system’s boiler control system.

The problem was relatively simple: the control system required some replacement parts that were not readily available and needed to be ordered in. Simple though the problem was, it is important to note that, in the absence of replacement parts to hand the hotel had to face the consequences of operating without any heating on-site.

Given the issue occurred in the winter, the need for immediate heating was especially pronounced. As a result, an emergency heating solution was required to not only ensure guests enjoyed a comfortable stay, but also to allow the 50 rooms to remain in operation. Naturally, 50 rooms out of commission would lead to a significant loss in revenue for the hotel and undoubtedly upset many of the guests.

So, to minimise this downtime and mitigate the risk of the situation damaging the hotel’s revenue, we at Rapid Climate Control were called in to provide a swift solution.

The Solution

MAK Services entrusted us to supply and install a same-day emergency temporary heating solution until the necessary replacement parts could be installed. Testament to our commitment to excellent service, by 7PM that evening (4 hours from the initial call), we both delivered and installed a 2kW Oil Filled Radiator for each of the 50 rooms.

This swift response, coupled with our professional approach, ensured guest disruption and room downtime was minimised. This temporary heating solution acted as the perfect replacement, delivering the heat needed to ensure guest comfort. This solution was kept in place until the boiler controls had been fully repaired.

Speaking on the effectiveness of our response, MAK Services Operations Director, Dan Allmark commented:

“We were seriously under pressure to deliver an emergency heating solution due to the timing of the Premier Inn’s heating problem; however this pressure didn’t mean panic. We have relied on Rapid Climate Control time and time again to deliver emergency climate control solutions for our clients, this time was no different. Rapid delivered, installed and demonstrated its equipment to all relevant Premier Inn staff to ensure a hassle free hire period”.

This is just one example of how we have helped facilitate enhanced comfort for hotel guests. At Rapid Climate Control, we have a long history of assisting clients working within the hospitality industry. In our work with hotels, we have noticed an emerging theme: the need for increased energy efficiency.

As a result, we have created an infographic full of tips you can utilise to help your hotel reduce its energy consumption. To download this infographic, simply click the button below.

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