R438A: An Effective R22 Alternative?

With the beginning of 2015 seeing the introduction of legislation banning the servicing, maintenance and purchasing of R22 air conditioning systems, we at Rapid Climate Control think it is wise to consider the viable alternatives to the R22 refrigerant altogether. One such alternative refrigerant is R438A and in this blog, we explore its merits and its viability as a replacement.

R438A: The Merits

Provided the relevant person is either experienced in conversions, or closely follows conversion guidelines, converting or retrofitting equipment that currently uses R22 can be relatively simple. In fact, the last 15 years has seen large numbers of R22 equipment successfully converted across Europe. It is also worth bearing in mind that whilst R417A (ISCEON® MO59) and R422D (ISCEON® MO29) were originally used extensively, R438A is able to operate within the systems that used them. This means that only one refrigerant is required within the system.

Equally, R438A can also be utilised as a replacement to R22 within split AC, package units, Variable Flow (VRF) systems, water chillers, close control data centre cooling and even refrigeration applications, making it a viable solution for many businesses.

Given split systems with hermetic compressors, no oil drain and a capillary tube only allow for very simple refrigerant changes, R438A is a suitable, hassle-free alternative.

Of course, depending on the equipment you are currently operating and how it fits into your wider systems, the R22 legislation might call for a different course of action to the replacement of refrigerant. To help you make informed decision as to what the best choice is for you business, we have created the ‘R22 Refrigerant Management Guideline’, an in-depth document outlining both the impacts of the legislation and your options moving forward.

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