Portable Heating Solutions For Facilities Management Clients

For many facilities managers the winter means one thing: clients in need of a little extra heat.

From offices and warehouses, to construction sites and sport halls, a comfortable, regulated working environment is vital, and often a temporary portable heating solution is the most suitable and cost effective option.

So, to help you, help your clients, we’ve outlined some of the most common applications of portable heaters.

Warehousing and Storage

As we’ve previously mentioned in our blog, warehouse environments need to be well regulated. After all, loading bays and goods-in areas are especially difficult to keep warm in the winter due to the constant opening and closing of large roller shutter doors.

Additionally, storerooms, work areas and receptions are all examples of other areas in warehouses and storage facilities that often require specific portable heating solutions.

So, what solutions should you provide your clients with?

Portable electric radiant heaters are particularly suitable for providing equipment, staff and products with instant heat in specific warehouse areas. However, when in need of a little extra firepower, you might want to consider hiring a portable gas heater,indirect oil fire heater or direct oil fired heater. In more demanding or exposed goods-in areas or loading bays, these are great for battling the cold.

Also, in the absence of an electrical supply, portable catalytic cabinet gas heaters are a great solution.


With a recent trend of colder than usual winters in Britain; this winter aside, the demand for portable heating has seen an increase. However, the solutions most suitable for warehouses are rarely the most suitable for office environments.

To meet the demands of office spaces, we suggest you equip your clients with standalone convector, ceramic, oil filled or fan assisted electric heaters. These will provide the localised heat needed to keep employees working productively and comfortably.


If you work with clients in the retail sector, you’ll know how competitive it is. Anything and everything that can be used to create a competitive advantage, will be.

The in-store environment is no different, and given that consumers don’t like to shop in a cold store; addressing temperature and humidity is a must.

Specifically designed to provide controllable and safe heat, portable fan heaters are especially suitable in retail environments where the temperature needs to be regulated in real time to meet customer demand.

Should your clients require any kind of portable gas heating solution, as a facilities manager, you should ensure your supplier is an authorised stockist and distributor of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Diesel products before having them install gas based heater solutions on client sites.

Making The Right Choice

As a facilities manager, it is your responsibility to ensure your clients’ sites are maintained to the highest standards. Therefore, you cannot afford to provide a substandard service - this means you need the most suitable, safe and reliable heating solution for any given environment.

To help you do this, we’ve created a downloadable Slide Deck that outlines the specialist heating solutions available to you, as well as what to look for in a dependable supplier.

To access the deck, simply click the button below.

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