New Refrigerant System Sees First UK Installation

In what is being dubbed the beginning of a 'sea-change' in refrigerant selection in the UK, the first ever R32 based system has just been installed, according to the RAC Plus news site.

The system has been installed in a domestic setting but could be the start of something big for the refrigerant and overall heating sector.

The system itself is the first ever air conditioning product to be installed using R32 refrigerant gas and should see the start of increased interest in the technology behind it. It is predicted that once the efficiency figures relating to this new product become available, there will be a surge of interest in the system. 

The UK is not the first country to experiment with this new refrigerant technology; in Japan it has been available for a while and the technology really took off in the first 18 months. However, Rapid doesn't expect that sort of dramatic up-take here as companies will require a period of adjustment. Once the market fully understands what it does and what it offers, we believe however that it will adapt quickly to the technology.

R32 gas offers impressive environmental and high-energy efficiency properties so is expected to become the gas with most momentum in the industry.

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