Marketing Your Hotel In 2015: Top Trends

In such a competitive industry where so many external factors can influence profits, we thought it useful to conduct some research to explore the marketing trends affecting hotels in 2015, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

The results of our research are summarised below:

Continued Growth of Mobile

If you thought the growth of mobile bookings was a fad; think again.

The speed with which smartphones have become central to our lives presents huge potential for businesses and, not least of which, hotels. With a predicted £25,840,000 worth of bookings in 2015 (approximately a quarter of the entire online travel market), it is increasingly important that hotels frame their marketing as such that it supports increased mobile bookings. For instance, creating a responsive (mobile optimised) website and coherent, direct booking process, in addition to a booking app for phones and tablets, are all ways in which hotels can gain more mobile bookings.

Rise of Proximity Technology

Further exploring the theme of mobile technology’s role in the hotel industry, research shows that 91% of smartphone users actually have their smartphone within arm’s reach at any given time. Not only does this present hoteliers with opportunities to market to potential guests at any given time, it also allows for the effective use of proximity marketing - the pushing out of location-sensitive messages. The power of proximity marketing for hotels lies the in targeting of potential guests to promote specific chains to people in the vicinity of the area.

Growing Need For Personalised Content

With online and mobile functionality becoming increasingly important to guests for securing hotel bookings, offering a personalised online service is no longer an optional extra - it is an industry standard that must be adhered to increase the number of mobile and online bookings hotels receive. 2015 is set to continue on this current trend, seeing a rise in personalised online web experiences employed by an increasing number of businesses.

According to NetAffinity, hotels are beginning to leverage their customer data to develop more personally tailored content, using past buying behaviours to inform marketing strategies. This is a strategy that all hotels should adopt in order to boost their overall success, contributing to achieving excellence in the hotel industry.

The theme of excellence in the hotel industry is explored further in our aptly named infographic, downloadable by clicking the below button:

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