Ilios Introduces 'Cleanest' Carbon-Cutting Heat Pump To UK Market

A new carbon-cutting heat pump has hit the UK market. The HEWH-500-WS, by Ilios Dynamics Inc. (a subsidiary of Tecogen Inc.), will be installed in England by the end of June, marking the first such natural gas engine-driven heat pump ever introduced into the UK building services sector.

The natural gas operating heating solution - claimed to have a higher efficiency than an electric heat pump, a lower carbon impact, and a 'very low' operating energy cost - works by using water as its free energy source.

The "water-source" heat pump can make use of groundwater, low-grade waste heat from an industrial process, or can be implemented in such a way as to provide simultaneous heating and cooling, says Ilios.

Its installation is the first step in the UK for the provision of a sustainable packaged solution for buildings looking to reduce their energy bills as well as their carbon impact, the firm added.

Stephen Lafaille, Ilios product manager, said: "We are excited to sell our first Ilios heat pump into the UK marketplace. We have been quietly proving our technology in nearby Ireland for the past couple of years. We have several successful installations in various market verticals there and this sale represents our first into the UK market, which has very significant potential for our technology."

Liam Flynn, technical director at GF Sustainable, where the technology is to be installed, said the energy services firm chose the Ilios solution because it offers "the lowest operating cost, smallest carbon footprint, and cleanest emissions of any fossil fuel-based water heating and cooling device on the market".

Ilios is building on the work of parent company Tecogen, which has been providing robust and efficient packaged combined heat and power (CHP) systems for decades, he added.