How Can The 3 Stage Hire Process Work For Your Hotel?

In the hospitality industry, success is governed by the extent to which you can provide a great guest experience. As a result, HVAC solutions are often at the forefront of hoteliers’ minds when it comes to ensuring a comfortable stay for guests.

However, as experts in all things climate control related, we at Rapid Climate Control are aware that when it comes to HVAC solutions, it is often the industry standard for hire companies to merely deliver equipment, leaving you to your own devices.

In response to this, we have created the “3 Stage Hire Process”, including the delivery of your equipment, its installation by industry experts and a subsequent demonstration of its functionality.

Throughout this blog, we will briefly outline exactly how our process can benefit your hotel.

Less Downtime

With on-site installations and demonstrations being a standard part of the process, we provide all clients with opportunities to have their concerns and queries addressed in real time, preventing unnecessary troubleshooting in the future. By demonstrating how each system works in detail, you can rest assured that you won’t be left to figure out how to operate your HVAC units by yourself.

Also, by fully understanding how the units work and having them installed by a qualified expert, you will be able to minimise the downtime incurred by avoiding incorrectly installed, inadequately maintained and improperly used systems. Less unit downtime means less time spent responding to customer complaints, and more time creating comfortable environments for guests.

Save Money, Save Time

When companies only deliver equipment, there is always a chance of improper installation, which itself presents a myriad of safety, monetary and legal risks. Through our “3 Stage Hire Process”, we negate the unnecessary time and monetary costs incurred by incorrect installation, as well as mitigating the potential health and safety risks imposed upon guests. With Rapid Climate Control, you can be rest assured, the equipment is only installed once, and it is installed correctly. This means you don’t have to spend time and money calling an expert to rectify the problem.

Avoid Needless Dangers

As with any electrical equipment, the installation of HVAC units presents very real dangers to the untrained and unqualified. As a result, the “3 Stage Hire Process” negates the need for hoteliers to gamble with the dangers of poorly qualified installers. We deliver, install and demonstrate climate control equipment on-site, ensuring the safety of both your staff and guests so that you can continue to focus on creating awesome guest experiences.  

In summary, the strength of our hire process lies in the fact that it lets you, the hotelier, save time and money so that you can focus on enhancing the guest experience. However, this isn’t the only benefit we can afford hotels.

Green Hotels

Given we frequently work heavily in collaboration with hotels as HVAC solution providers, we have noticed the ongoing need for hotels to optimise their energy efficiency. This transition into a greener, more energy efficient hotel can not only make your hotel more profitable, but can also help contribute to a further enhanced guest experience.

To find out how, and to help your hotel reduce its energy consumption, we have created a handy infographic outlining simple steps you can take to become a greener hotel. Download this infographic by clicking the button below.

Download Our Infographic