Hospitality Industry Crying Out For Heating And Cooling Controls To Cut Costs

Simple energy saving measures such as heating and ventilation controls could save the hospitality sector billions of pounds, says GreenWise Business.

A recent study by the Department of Energy and Climate Change showed that small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) could save between £1.26 billion and £2.63 billion, or 18-25% of their annual energy costs, by implementing energy efficiencies. Such efficiencies would also cut carbon emissions by 8.7-17.6 million tonnes a year, said the study.

One hospitality group, The Hotel Collection, expects to cut costs by £360,000 a year after investing £300,000 in energy and water efficiency projects across its 21 UK hotels. Paul Nisbett, the group's chief financial officer (CFO) and finance community chair of HOSPA (the Hospitality Professionals Association for Finance, Revenue Management and IT), said hotels can save millions of pounds by taking simple steps to save water and energy - which will pay for themselves within two years.

Working alongside SaveMoneyCutCarbon, the group has made improvements including an intelligent heating and cooling management system at one of its hotels, as well as LED lighting, eco-smart showers and tap aerators across its estate.

The UK hotel industry could cut bills, and carbon, by more than £38 million every year if it implemented just half of these measures across its 600,000 rooms.

For SMEs, cutting costs through energy efficiency measures is a matter of some urgency: the nPower Business Energy Index 2013 reported that nearly half of SMEs (48%) said energy accounts for 25-50% of their total business costs. And according to research by the Forum of Private Business, energy bills rose for the large majority - 87% - of SMEs that year too, hampering their ability to grow, invest and create jobs.