Heating industry to take leading role in cutting UK carbon emissions

The heating industry has been reminded of the role it plays in helping reduce the UK's carbon emissions, says H&V News.

In its latest report, the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) questioned existing carbon policies and said that the heating and hot water sector would be important in driving forward change.

HHIC launched its 'Pathways II: A low carbon roadmap for domestic heat' report on 7 July at a Parliamentary event attended by MPs, officials from the Department of Energy & Climate Change and the Department for Communities and Local Government, and HHIC members. 

The report names three factors which underline the importance of what the industry needs to do and the rationale behind the report, explained HHIC director Stewart Clements. 

First, there is a global imperative for action, which requires a strong long-term framework. The second factor focuses on the challenge of reducing the UK's carbon emissions and the uncertainty around the long-term effectiveness of existing policies. And third is the strong record the heating and hot water sector has in delivering change. 

There can be no more delay in helping consumers cut their energy bills, he said. "There are lots of technologies out there at the moment and new innovation, and this report brings all that together. It also recognises the importance of training and engaging installers, the challenge of retrofit and the importance of getting the balance of incentives right."

He continued: "The Pathways report is about starting work immediately and how delivering on the recommendations will help consumers cut energy bills and live cleaner lives."