Hamworthy Condensing Boilers Help Theatre Halve Gas Consumption

A theatre in Kent has seen its gas consumption halve after upgrading its heating system to Purewell VariHeat boilers.

The new Marlow Theatre in Canterbury upgraded its heating during a rebuild of the former cinema site which created a bigger development with extra seating capacity. The development now seats up to 1,200 and also boasts a smaller second auditorium, offices, bar and restaurant, amenities and service areas.

Its old UR atmospheric boilers, which were installed in the 1980s, no longer operated efficiently and were replaced by six Hamworthy Purewell VariHeat 110kW cast iron, condensing modular boilers.

The boilers work via heating coils and air handling units in the auditorium. They also provide hot water for the building's showers and taps by acting as an indirect heat source for a calorifier. Canterbury City Council is able to control the equipment through a Building Management System.

The council's building services engineer Philip Kiss, who monitors the building's gas consumption, noted that it now uses much less gas despite being a bigger theatre, thanks to both the new condensing boilers and improvements to the building's fabric.

"Despite a 36% increase in effective area to be heated by the boilers the annual meter reading has almost halved falling from circa 760MW to 400MW over the 10-year period. This is saving the council money on fuel bills and is also better for the environment as there is a corresponding reduction in carbon emissions," he commented.