Future Proofing Your Hotel Through Unico Climate Control Solutions

With comfort so vital for a guest’s good night’s sleep, no guest at your hotel wants to sleep in a room where the temperature and general climate is unregulated. However, to truly stand out as a hotel, you need to invest in future proofing, you need to invest in technology that will keep you firmly aligned with what your guests expect.

Long gone are the days where air conditioning in hotels was regarded as a luxury, they are included as standard and hence are expected as the bare minimum. What this means is that your guest’s expectations are calling for you to differentiate your hotel in new ways - ways that the Unico Range can make possible.

Reducing Room Down-Time

When installing Unico air conditioning units, considerable time and costs, usually incurred through installation of climate control systems, can be saved. Let’s consider the specifics here: having an out-of-service air conditioning system in a hotel room, for instance, can often be problematic and lead to the down-time of rooms. Through the quick installation of Unico solutions, your hotel can benefit from minimal room downtime, allowing you to notify the guests that their rooms are ready, as opposed to having to compensate them for damaged or faulty equipment within their rooms.

Giving Guests Complete Control

Whether through wall pad controllers or remote controls, Unico units afford your guests absolute control in crafting the optimum climate for their comfort. From humidity to temperature, such freedom is yet another factor enhancing the feeling of personalisation for guests and, in turn, boosting the perception of your hotel as one that is committed to excellent service.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Thanks to the latest generation sliding-vane compressors, noisy air conditioning is a thing of the past. This is especially important given guests’ collective standards are increasing - you need to ensure your hotel transcends the basics within its rooms to offer a truly memorable and relaxing experience. Operating at a mere 38 Db, Unico units ensure your guests can sleep undisturbed.

Whilst this blog covers just a few of the many benefits Unico units can afford Hotels, in our handy infographic we delve further into the minutia of features the units offer and how these can also benefit your hotel and, by extension, your guests.

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