Facilities Managers: What To Look For In Your Climate Control Solutions Provider

The cold of winter is well and truly on its way which makes now as good a time as any for Facilities Managers like you to reassess the service you’re receiving from your climate control services suppliers.

As a recognised specialist and provider of temporary climate control solutions in the UK and Ireland, we hold longstanding relationships with many leading Facilities Management companies. Because of this, we know what it takes to deliver great service to Facilities Managers like you.

So, in this blog, we have outlined three considerations you need to make when choosing a new climate control solutions supplier or auditing your current provider.

Service Quality

Fundamental factors that you need to consider as a Facilities Manager include the reliability of the provider to deliver service levels that exceed the norm. You need a service that is above all else, reliable.

From equipment delivery and collection to the extent to which the provider walks you through the functionality of the equipment, you need a provider that is clearly willing to invest the needed time to ensure your clients’ issues and needs are addressed in full.

Product Availability

Product availability is especially important during the winter when the need for temperature regulation is particularly pronounced. Imagine, for instance, your client’s heating equipment breaks down and you need a temporary heating solution to be delivered and installed as soon as possible. In such cases, you are at the mercy of your provider’s product availability. This means you cannot afford to rely on a provider that doesn’t offer a strategically located, unmatched level of stock.

Product Quality

In reference to the previous point, there’s little use in relying on a solutions provider with a large range of stock if all the equipment they offer is inadequate in addressing your clients’ climate control needs.

To be specific, you need to ensure that every single piece of equipment hired to your clients is subject to close inspection and industry standard safety checks before arrival. You need to ensure the equipment is not only compliant with the latest regulations, but also exceeds expectations in terms of performance. Remember, you will be judged by the quality and performance of the solutions you offer your clients so your provider needs to offer the best of the best.

Therefore, you need a solutions provider you can depend on completely without compromise. This means you need a supplier that will provide you with the heating solutions your clients can rely on.

To show you what this looks like, we’ve created a downloadable slide deck that outlines what you should look for in both your climate control solutions provider, and in the specialist heating solutions your clients need.

To access the deck, simply click the button below.

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