Facilities Management: Three Top Trends For 2015

In the world of Facilities Management, as with any industry, at any given time there are new trends bubbling up to the surface, shaping the way businesses operate and the steps they must take to not only future-proof themselves, but to become more competitive today.

In this blog we outline three major trends apparent within the Facilities Management and services industries, playing a pivotal role in shaping their future and by extension, yours.

Economic Growth - According to ISS, both the services and Facilities Management industries will be affected by an ongoing, eastward shift in economic power as construction activities move toward emerging markets.

As a result, this newly emerging, eastern competition is naturally forcing organisations to become more competitive and better differentiate themselves through innovation. This trend is set to continue forcing companies to strive for new ways to deliver added value to clients.

Sustainability - As one of the most prevalent sustainability challenges of the modern world, global warming has forced a more energy and carbon-efficient focused restructuring of many economies and infrastructures.

As with any major developments, these changes present various opportunities for the parties and organisations involved. In the case of Facilities Managers, global warming is paving the way for a systematic design to become a more important to Facilities Management clients.

Individualisation - Individualisation is set to continue impacting organisations as tailored solutions and services are increasingly regarded as industry standards. Consequently, this is forcing Facilities Managers to adopt a completely bespoke approach to service delivery for clients, encouraging a collaborative approach with clients to create tailored solutions.

According to ISS, the trend of individualisation is also set to bolster employee turnover as employees and customers come to expect increased levels of individual attention.

As this blog has outlined, given the emergence of these trends in the world of Facilities Management, it is apparent that FMs need to constantly evolve their approaches to service delivery in order to consistently win new contracts and maintain client relationships. 

Within our handy infographic, downloadable by clicking the button below, we further explore this emerging trend of personalisation in Facilities Management, providing you with steps you can follow to offer the bespoke service that clients are beginning to expect as standard.