Consumers Have More Time For Smart Heating Systems Than Hi-Tech Watches

Hi-tech devices such as Apple smartwatches may make front-page news, but in reality most adults in Britain would be more likely choose a smart heating solution that helps keep down household bills than an all-singing and dancing wristwatch, according to a recent study.

The YouGov study, commissioned by computing firm Redcentric, found that 24% of UK adults who don't own a smart heating system at the moment would be interested in buying one in the future, and another 22% would be interested in trying out smart light bulbs, says ITPro Portal.

Yet just 12% of those surveyed who did not already own a smartwatch expressed interest in buying one in the future, while fitness bracelets had even less appeal to consumers, with just 11% of those who don't currently own one saying that they would be interested in purchasing one in future.

The survey showed that there is a growing interest in the internet of things (IoT) - 42% of UK adults said smart products can have a positive effect on their daily life, while just 9% disagreed.

Redcentric chief technology officer, Simon Michie, commented: "Cloud-enabled smart devices are going to become more prominent in our daily lives over the next five years, especially within the household. Products like Hive and Nest, that allow users to control their home heating remotely, are attractive to the everyday consumer, while technology like wearables are probably still viewed as a bit of a novelty at the moment."