Case Study: Working with Rapid has been a 'Breeze'

To keep its new server room at a constant ideal temperature CSCM IT Solutions commissioned Rapid to install an air conditioning system completely seperate from any other cooling solution within the building.

After a thorough evaluation Rapid recommended the Mitsubishi Electric P Series which consists of one indoor unit and one outdoor condensing unit to prevent the potential overheating of sensitive equipment and the main servers that are also situated in the room. 

"From start to finish Rapid has provided a fast, effective and reliable service." 
Jude Thompson, CSCM Managing Director

The complete installation of the air conditioning unit took 2 days with minimal disruption to CSCM's day to day operations. As they already had an on-going service agreement in place for the air conditioning installed in the general office area, the agreement was modified to include the new system. Under the service agreement we make sure the equipment performs to its optimal levels and the risk of system failure is greatly reduced.

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