Back To Reality, The Heatwave Is Over

According to forecasts, we are soon to see yet another example of Britain’s tendency for great weather fluctuations. Having seen highs of 27.8C in Charlwood, Surrey, and 27C in Gravesend, Kent on Saturday and Sunday respectively, the temperature is now being balanced out by the advent of violent thunderstorms. Typical.

Although temperatures are set to remain warm until Friday, in usual British fashion, the blue skies and sunshine are not set to continue - in fact, the sudden heat is paving the way for thunderous storms and the Met Office has warned of noticeable humidity and mugginess dominating Britain in the coming days.

According to Met Office forecaster Daniel Panton-King: “Through Monday, the rain will spread eastwards across most places.”

“It’ll be showery rain, and it will brighten up as the day goes on for most of England and Wales, so there will be some sunshine later in the day.”

MetroGroup forecaster Gareth Harvey also mirrored Panton-King’s reportings, stating that  “[The] showery spells of rain are likely to become more widespread on Wednesday, spreading north to affect large parts of England and Wales.”

“Thursday will see rain or showers affecting much of the UK but come Friday, it will become a little more settled once more, with the wettest conditions likely to become mostly confined to eastern parts of England. Temperatures will, in general be close to average next week but there could be some rather warm and humid conditions at times towards the south-east.”

Such extremes of weather and fluctuations can catch you off-guard and the implications can be more than just a little unexpected sunburn; it is essential that, whether within your home or business property, you take an active stance in regulating temperature and climate. To aid you in ensuring you can react to Britain propensity for weather extremes, we provide a range of portable coolingportable heating and portable dehumidifiers for hire or sale.