3 Ways Mobile Facilities Management Apps Can Help You

With mobile technology becoming ever more prevalent within today’s society and permeating every aspect of modern business, Facilities Managers are no longer exempt from the many advantages to be gained from embracing mobile apps.

As a result, we have outlined three of the primary benefits to be gained from utilising mobile apps. 

Improved Communication:

In an industry predicated on relationships with clients, communication means everything. Mobile apps can help to ensure communication is as simple, quick and seamless as possible, improving the communication capabilities of Facilities Managers and the employees they manage. With better communication systems supporting the facilities management function, facilities managers can review data and relay instructions to staff in real time, increasing the speed at which any client issues are resolved.

Increased Adaptability:

In a constantly evolving world, businesses are constantly changing to meet the demands of an ever-changing business landscape. As a result, it is essential that FMs are able to react quickly to shifting corporate environments and changing infrastructures for their clients. Fortunately, apps exist that can support Facilities Managers in staying on top of these rapid changes. For instance, mobile software such as the solutions offered by CommonTime allow for managers to analyse data in real time and ensure staff are always compliant.

Increased Workplace Safety:

Other mobile solutions tailored to Facilities Managers, such as Field iD, allow Facilities Managers to ensure staff and contractors stay safe and compliant with health and safety regulations at all times.

The technological developments of the past decade have also paved the way for commercially available software such as CommonTime, offering Facilities Managers the ability to create bespoke apps for developing and sharing their risk assessments, site set ups and hazardous material checks.

Naturally, given the nature of Facilities Management and the industries emphasis on compliance and health and safety, increased workplace safety is arguably one of the most important benefits of using mobile apps as an FM.

Whilst this blog covers three of the most common reasons Facilities Managers should consider using mobile apps, the benefits offered extend far beyond the contents of this blog and all contribute to more effective Facilities Management.

As a business that works very closely with Facilities Managers, we are familiar with, and can appreciate, excellence in the industry. As a result, we have created a short, yet insightful infographic, highlighting steps you can take to offer more a bespoke, tailored service to clients.

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