3 Things About Climate Control Hire Your Boss Wants To Know

Luckily, the climate in the UK is considered to be rather average - neither too cold nor too hot. Despite this it can still get quite hot indoors over the summer. During this period the office climate can become uncomfortable and distracting. The office climate is considered one of the staples for a productive work environment; something often overlooked by the boss or business owner.

We’ve indicated three key areas in which to focus on to help win your argument with the boss to ensure a perfect office climate prior to the summer weather.

1. Return on investment

Our experience and informative case studies have taught us that during hot summer periods the usually trusted and reliable built-in air conditioning system can sometimes struggle to provide adequate cooling or even worse breakdown. For those businesses that have no air conditioning system in place at all this can be an extremely uncomfortable time. However immediate repairs or installation of brand new systems usually mean unforeseen costs and disruption in day-to-day business operations.

To avoid emergency repair costs, brand new system installation costs and business disruption, consider hiring a portable cooling solution.

The most obvious return on investment here is there’s no need to spend money on emergency repairs or permanent air conditioning systems that will only be used during temporary periods of seasonal hot weather. Another benefit to portable cooling hire is no building alterations are needed as there are with the installation of a new fixed system. 

2. Increased workplace productivity

You may think it’s a myth but it’s been proved that inadequate temperatures in an office can actually have a negative impact on employee productivity. When employees are too hot they become distracted and start to lose focus.

Cornell University held a survey and discovered that when the office temperature was higher than 20 degrees Celsius, there was an obvious increase in employee mistakes. It may be hard to please everyone, but it’s worth considering maintaining a certain temperature that all employees are happy with, only then can a business start to reap the benefits of improved productivity.

3. Hassle free installation

With a specialist climate control hire company like Rapid Climate Control providing the delivery, installation and demonstration of its equipment, you benefit from a hassle free hire service. You don’t have to worry about taking time out of your busy day to set up temporary cooling units you know nothing about as with other hire companies.

Rapid’s installation and demonstration service also prevents potential risk of injury and breaches of health and safety. Installation and demonstration of equipment is all part of the Rapid service, we believe this should be standard practice.