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Temporary Heater Hire - Are Your Temporary Heating Solutions up to Scratch?

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Extreme weather conditions in the UK are hitting the headlines and catching us unawares with increasing frequency. The summers peak at higher temperatures, whilst the winter months see us battling with increased levels of rainfall and freezing lows. 

Cars drive in snowy and cold UK weather conditions

Summer 2018 in the UK was up there with the heatwave of 1976 and temperatures soared for six sweltering weeks. 2018 also saw the ‘Beast from the East’ wreak havoc across the UK, inflicting snowfall and sub-zero temperatures as a result of freezing air from Siberia. Whilst in theory we all love a long, lazy summer and the unexpected joy of a ‘snow day’, the potentially negative repercussions of extreme weather conditions can range from mildly inconvenient to catastrophic. Workplaces grind to a halt, public transport goes into chaos, and the damage and destruction caused comes at huge cost to businesses and homeowners.

Woman in scarf shivers in cold office

Periodically Assess your Workplace Heating and Cooling Equipment

Extreme weather conditions are not predicted to ease up any time soon and so, it is worthwhile periodically assessing your existing workplace heating and cooling arrangements to consider if they are up to scratch, especially as the seasons change. 

In this blog, we will take you through some of the innovative and effective temporary heating products on the market, available to hire or to buy from Rapid Climate Control, which can help you control your environment even when extreme weather hits.  And remember, our team are always available to come and undertake a survey of your site to check you are best prepared for extreme weather and to see if we can make you savings! 

Veito heaters

The Veito Range: Efficient and Flexible Infrared Heating

When temperatures take a nosedive, you need a heater that will stand up to the test and keep your team cosy and comfortable! The Infrared heating products available from Veito are both efficient and powerful, using infrared heat to provide an even and consistent temperature. Their attractive design and quiet operation means they are perfectly suited for commercial settings such as offices, restaurants or retail units, in fact, they wouldn’t look out of place in a sophisticated penthouse apartment!

A major benefit of the Veito products are their environmental credentials. Infrared heat is highly efficient, add to this the capacity to control the heat intensity and provide a gradual, comfortable heat via the sensitive thermostat, and you can suit your exact requirements without wasting energy. Pretty important in our current climate! The Veito heaters contain high-quality heating elements to provide a superior performance, making them a great product to purchase for a long-term investment.

El-Bjorn heater

The El-Bjorn Range: Big space heating and drying which is 3 times more effective!

The UK has experienced periods of intense rainfall in recent years. Our drainage systems are not designed to handle such high levels of water and as such homes and businesses across the UK have been subjected to some devastating flooding. When this happens, you need equipment which can dry out your building as quickly as possible to reduce the damage. The El Bjorn range of heating and drying fans can boast an impressive performance compared to products of a similar specification. In fact, the TF3EL 3kw 110v Fan Heater and Dryer provides 3kw of heat per 225 cubic meters, 3 times above what a similar specification can do!  

The TF 3EL ensures maximum hot air throw which spreads heated air over 360° thanks to the integrated air distributor. This makes it a great option for effectively heating large spaces, such as warehouses, or even for event applications as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The El-Bjorn range is suitable for hire or for purchase and boasts some rare features; the 1kw model has the capacity to operate on both 16 amp and 32 amp supplies, something you will be hard pushed to find in other ranges!

Thermobile Portable Heater

The Thermobile Range: Clean Heating at High Outputs.

If you need a robust and reliable heater which has a high output, the Thermobile oil fired range is an excellent option. Their space heaters come in a range of high outputs meaning they can easily handle large spaces such as building sites, workshops, marquees, sports halls or large green houses.  Importantly, they can be controlled via a fully automatic thermostat, which combined with the HP Radial heat distribution fan, makes them highly energy efficient.

Another important benefit of the Thermobile products is that with the flue connector, they provide clean and dry heat without the risk of harmful emissions, meaning they can be used for longer periods to provide a reliable heat source.

The Consort Claudgen Range: Stylish Products Connected to Technology

When it comes to managing temperature, either in a domestic or commercial environment, the saying goes that prevention is better than cure! Technology provides us the opportunity to stay one step ahead of the weather and maintain an ambient temperature inside, no matter what is happening outside.

The Consort Claudgen range of electric heater are wirelessly connected and can be operated remotely, allowing the operator complete control over temperature control. Space can be separated into ‘zones’ and the individual temperatures can be adjusted depending on the exact requirements of the different zones. The intelligent technology allows for different temperature settings throughout the day, the benefits of which allow you to warm a space before people arrive or provide a consistent temperature overnight if critical systems need to be maintained. This intelligent technology really is the future of efficient heating and will help to maintain productivity in workplaces, even in extreme weather conditions.

Call the Rapid Climate Control team

Speak to Our Team …

If you want to learn more about some of the highly efficient and innovative options available from Rapid Climate Control, get in touch with our team.  We will visit your location to conduct an in-depth site survey, taking into consideration all the factors that will influence temperature control and your specific location to develop the most cost and energy efficient proposal. 

How to Hire or Buy from Rapid Climate Control

We have 8 Service Centres strategically located across the country to provide total coverage.  You can call into any of our locations and find out about the latest products and innovations from our industry experts.  The online team are also available to offer support, with lines open between 8am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, just call 0370 330 6029.  Visit our websites;,, and, where you can view the full range of heating and cooling products and purchase online. 

If hiring equipment, opening an A-Plant account will give you access to thousands of products across all our specialist A-Plant divisions.  For a one-off hire you can leave a deposit relative to the equipment you want to hire and provide two forms of identification (including a photo ID and a utility bill), and you will be ready to go!


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