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Best Electric Heating Systems for Homes

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Heating our homes is central to the way we live. We rely on domestic heating for comfort, cooking and washing and it is the biggest reason we consume energy in our society. As a society, we are all becoming far more aware of how we consume energy and many people are actively looking for ways to be reduce carbon. The UK Government has committed to reaching ‘net zero’ carbon by 2050 and meeting these commitments will require the decarbonisation of nearly all heat in buildings and most industrial processes.

Energy efficient house

As the power sector continues to provide cleaner electricity from renewable sources, electric heating options are becoming more popular as people wish to move away from heating delivered from fossil fuels, such as gas. Widespread use of electric heating has the potential to deliver extensive reductions in carbon emissions and also deliver benefits to domestic customers who can take advantage of new technologies in their homes.

As the world is warming to idea of electric over gas, we have compiled some of the best electric heating systems for homes to consider if you are thinking of making the switch. From convection heaters to storage heaters, infrared heaters to air source heat pumps – there is a lot to consider!

Domestic convector heater

Convector Home Heater

Convector Panel Heaters are a cost-effective solution for heating any room or a conservatory. Convector electric panel heaters are easy to install and cheap to run due to their energy efficiency. They also require very little maintenance. Convector electric panel heaters can be controlled via timers and enable you to set the thermostat to control the room temperature. They can be wall mounted or free-standing to provide flexible heating options throughout the home.

Electric Storage Home Heater

An electric storage heater stores thermal energy during the evening or at night when electricity is available at lower cost, and releases the heat during the day as required. Following on from the Ecodesign LOT20 changes at the start of 2018, electric storage heaters have come a long way! All storage heaters are now required to have 24-hour, 7-day programmer to control the heat, a thermostat, window open detector and be fan assisted to increase effectiveness. These changes have made electric storage heaters a much more sustainable option, many in our range have storage calculation capabilities which can adjust the amount of stored energy to meet the user's requirement without wastage. Electric storage heaters are available as wall mounted or free-standing to provide a flexible home heating solution.

Veito home heater

Infrared Radiant Electric Home Heater

Infrared heating products are efficient and powerful, using infrared heat to provide an even and consistent temperature. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and can either be portable or located in a fixed position. The Veito range of infrared heaters are highly efficient and the heat intensity can be controlled to provide a gradual, comfortable heat via the sensitive thermostat. This prevents heat being wasted and helps to reduce energy usage. They look pretty smart too!

Oil filled electric radiator

Electric Oil Filled Radiators

Electric oil filled radiator heaters are a great electric home heater and are suitable for any room in the house including lofts, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and offices. They can be wall mounted or free standing, meaning they can be used on a long term or temporary basis as needs in the home dictate. Oil filled radiators are near silent in operation and provide the perfect combination of radiant and convected heat for optimum comfort. Built in thermostats and timers allow users to closely control the temperature in their home to ensure efficiency.

Conservatory covered in snow

Conservatory Heating and Cooling

Conservatories are renowned for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The installation of flexible heating and cooling equipment allows you to use your conservatory in comfort all year round. The Unico Tower is an excellent product to provide this level of flexibility, it has been designed for use in any residential environment throughout all seasons of the year. Cooling, dehumidifying, and heating modes can be easily set with the backlit touch display and the remote control, the unit can even be controlled via your smartphone! With totally flat aesthetics, the Unico Tower blends perfectly into a domestic environment and runs so quietly you won’t event know it is there.

View our range of conservatory heating products

Air source heat pump

Air Source Heat Pump

An air source heat pump (also known as an ASHP) is a much more energy efficient way to heat your home and will emit far less CO2 than traditional heating. The unit is typically placed outside of a property, taking heat from the air and then further heating it to higher temperatures by the use of an electric heat pump. There are two types of air source heat pumps, the air-to-water system which heats outside air and places it in to your central heating system to also heat water, and the air-to-air system which takes heat from the outside air and feeds it into your home via a number of fans. In the hot summer months, an air-to-air system can also be operated in reverse, removing warm air from your home and replacing it with cooler air.

Even though these pumps need a constant supply of electricity to operate and circulate the liquid contained in the outside loop, these units are very energy efficient, and for every unit of electricity it consumes, you will get 2 or 3 units of heat in return.

What do you need to consider in order to choose the best electric home heating system?  

  • It is important to choose the right size heater for the room! In order to reduce running costs and select the most efficient option, you need to work out the volume of your space with the following calculation:  room length (m) x room width (m) x room height (m) = total volume (m3). We recommend you need 1 kilowatt for every 25 m3, so to heat 75m3 you would need a 3 KW heater.
  • Consider the running costs: The average running cost of an electric heater is approximately 14p per kilowatt hour. So, for a 3 kilowatt heater, it would cost 42p per hour to run. However, many other factors effect this cost, a heater with a thermostat can dramatically reduce heating bills, and intelligent controls and sensors can prevent energy being wasted.
  • What energy tariff are you on, standard or Economy 7? The Economy 7 tariff is much cheaper per kWh during evening and night-time, making it ideal for storage heaters. However, if you are on a standard tariff, a traditional electric ‘on/off’ heater may be more economical.
  • Do you need to move the heater around different spaces? A huge benefit of electric heaters as opposed to fixed central heating, is that you can move them into different areas as and when you use them. Consider if free-standing or wall mounted options would suit your requirements best.
  • Choose an electric heater with a thermostat! Thermostats can be set to predetermined temperatures and will keep the heat consistent. This will dramatically reduce running costs.
  • What space do you have available? There are slimline, lightweight electric heaters available for tight spaces or when space is compromised. Consider the look and feel of the heater to ensure the aesthetics are suitable for a domestic setting.
  • Check for safety features! Important safety features include the emergency cut out sensor in the event of overheating or the heater being knocked over.  
  • Embrace new smart technology. Some electric heaters are now Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled (check out the Consort Claudgen range!) meaning you can control your heater remotely and increase efficiency. Another smart feature of some electric heaters is the ‘window open’ sensor, which senses if a window or door is open and will reduce the heat in that room to save wasting energy. 

A Service Tailored to You

We know it can be a bit overwhelming trying to understand which home heater is right for you, and so, as part of the service, our team will visit your home to conduct a survey, taking into account all the factors that will influence temperature control and your specific location to develop the most cost and energy efficient proposal.

Call the Rapid Climate Control team

How to contact Rapid Climate Control

We have 8 Service Centres strategically located across the country to provide total coverage. You can call into any of our locations and find out about the latest products and innovations from our industry experts. The online team are also available to offer support, with lines open between 8am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, just call 0370 330 6029. 

Visit our websites;,, and, where you can view the full range of heating and cooling products and purchase online. 

If hiring equipment, opening an A-Plant account will give you access to thousands of products across all our specialist A-Plant divisions. For a one-off hire you can leave a deposit relative to the equipment you want to hire and provide two forms of identification (including a photo ID and a utility bill), and you will be ready to go!


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