The University College Hospital

To avoid risk of failure or shut down of critical computer systems and associated components Rapid carried out an on-site survey and provided temporary cooling solutions on the day of the phone call.

The University College Hospital (UCH) in London is a teaching hospital that is made up of around 665 in-patient beds, 12 operating theatres and houses the largest single critical care unit in the NHS. 

The chiller used to supply the air conditioning in UCH’s data centre had broken down. Without an urgent cooling solution the critical computer systems and associated components such as telecommunications, storage devices and back-up power supplies would be at risk of failure or shut down.

Rapid Climate Control received a call from UCH about its emergency cooling requirements early one afternoon. A site survey was carried out on-site that same afternoon and a number of temporary cooling solutions were provided. 

It was decided the most effective and efficient cooling solution based on application requirements would be a 500kW chiller, supported with 100 metres of pipework and 100 metres of electrical cable. An additional pump would also be required to cope with the amount of pipework used. The solution was installed within 24 hours to the client’s satisfaction, this despite the extreme complexity of the installation.

Rapid Climate Control’s reactive service and expertise in specialist cooling ensured the critical operation of UCH’s data centre with system failure not an option.

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