Ford Technical Research Centre

Accurate and safe testing of automotive engines needs effective cooling. Rapid provided three possible cooling options and ensured the continued successful operation through its reactive cooling service and specialist knowledge.

Ford Technical Research Centre in Dunton, London tests automotive engines. These tests can run for days and weeks at a time at varying temperatures in different situations. 

The current cooling system used within the test bed centre was out of date and did not provide the necessary cooling requirements for engine testing and data recording. The test beds used and tested engines link directly to a bank of computers that record the test results. Accurate and safe testing can only be achieved with an effective cooling solution in place.

Rapid was asked to provide three possible cooling solutions. The option chosen was a spot cooling solution which comprised of six 4.4kW spot coolers as it offered the most effective and flexible type of cooling, allowing direct cooling towards specific areas within the test bed centre as and when required.

Due to the service and effective cooling solution provided, Rapid's cooling equipment has been used on an annual basis since 2008 and will continue to be used for the foreseeable future.

Rapid's reactive cooling service and specialist knowledge has ensured the continued successful operation of Ford's Technical Research Centre.

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