CSCM IT Solutions

Being previously satisfied with Rapid's main systems performance and after sales customer services, CSCM didn't hesitate to recommission them to supply and install a new air conditioning system in the new server room.


CSCM IT Solutions

Project location

Oldbury, West Midlands

Project details

Supply and installation of air conditioning to a server room

CSCM provides IT advice and support, in a wide range of differing business sectors, to organisations across the UK and in other parts of the world, and have been doing so for over 20 years.


CSCM required dedicated cooling for its newly built main server room. The new air conditioning system needed to be kept completely separate from any other cooling system in the building, this was to ensure constant ideal server room temperatures should the building’s main air conditioning system fail.

It was critical that a constant cool temperature was maintained to avoid any potential overheating of sensitive equipment and main servers situated within the room.



Based on the size of the server room and the reliability required for the application, Rapid decided to install a Mitsubishi Electric P Series wall mounted system. It’s ideal for small to medium sized server room applications and it also matches the equipment Rapid previously installed in the general office area.

The Mitsubishi Electric P Series consists of one indoor unit and one outdoor condensing unit. The outdoor unit needed to be installed at height on the rear of the building; this was to reduce the possibility of vandalism or theft which had previously been an issue. Rapid used specialist access equipment in order to carry out the high level external works.

In total, the complete installation, including commissioning, took two days with minimal disruption to CSCM’s day to day operations.

CSCM already had an ongoing Rapid service agreement in place for the air conditioning system, situated within the general office area. As a result of the new server room system installation, the service agreement was modified to include the new system. This ensures the equipment performs to its optimal levels and the risk of system failure is greatly reduced.

Working with Rapid Climate Control has been a ‘breeze’. From start to finish the company has provided a fast, effective and reliable service.

Jude Thompson - CSCM Managing Director
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